Välke ry

About us

Four member of Välke sitting near a table indoors.

Outokumpu Mental Health Association Välke ry was founded on April 28, 1992, in the club room of the Outokumpu swimming hall. There were 16 people present at the founding meeting.

Before the establishment

In 1986, in Outokumpu, under the leadership of head nurse Eila Peltomäki, a mental health club began to operate, laying the foundation for our future association. Outokumpu Rehabilitation Home also began its operations at Outokumpu Kyykeri in 1989, bringing even more mental health rehabilitants together, and some club members visited the rehabilitation home as daily visitors. Psychiatric nurse Saara Kettunen from the rehabilitation home encouraged the establishment of the association. The mental health club operated until April 14, 1992. VÄLKE RY was born just two weeks after the end of the mental health club.

”The lights flash, flicker, blaze, burn, splash, shine, glitter… Flicker, Flicker, Flicker.” From this statement by a founding member, Välke got its name. Välke translates to Flicker in English.

A new association for mental health rehabilitants was born in Outokumpu.

Välke grew rapidly

The backbone of the association consisted of those registered with the previously mentioned rehabilitation home. Members from Liperi and Polvijärvi also joined the activities. The membership count in 1992 was 43 members. In 1993, the membership count was 92, in 1994 the count was 126 members, and in 1995 we had 132 members. The association had established its position.

From 1992 to 1995, the association had grown from a small club to a rehabilitant-driven community, offering work activities and self-help group activities.

Early activities of Välke

In 1995, the association organized music therapy group activities at the Old Mine led by music therapy students, a kitchen team at the rehabilitation home, weekly meetings at the community café, and a sports group on Fridays at Pohjoisaho School. On Saturdays, a self-help group met at the community café. Sundays were reserved for the film group. There were activities almost every day of the week.

Välke today

”Everyone has the right to mental well-being and coping in today’s digitalized society.” – Välke ry, 2023.

Our goal is to promote digital competence and mental health for everyone in today’s society, where services are increasingly transitioning to digital formats. No one is left to fend for themselves!

We offer assistance and support for digital coping through our digital counseling.

Currently, Outokumpu Mental Health Association Välke ry is locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally networked. Read more about our activities in Estonia here. (In Finnish)

We are a member association of the national Mental Health Association.

Get to know Välke’s board members here: Board 2024 (In Finnish)

Välke’s principles are equality, peer support, and digital mental health. We are constantly seeking various funding opportunities to improve people’s digital coping and mental health.

In addition to Outokumpu, Välke’s operational area has expanded to Polvijärvi, Liperi, and Heinävesi through our new DigiäNYT! -project. (In Finnish)